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tiny!kaner… and a blowfish… idk

So many things I want to draw, but can’t get in the right mood


So, this was going to eventually be a surprise, but one, there’s this gorgeous thing that was just posted and I feel like posting a snippet in response, and two, maybe if I post it will ~inspire~ me to finally finish this thing, which is at like, 40k and still needs another 10k before it’s done, plus a whole shit ton of editing.

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I love your story so far! And we must be on the same wavelength or drinking the same water or something because
[putting this under a cut just in case it spoils the fic] —

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Tiny!kaner doing some fitness tests @ training camp


ugh, tried drawing on the tablet again after a week break and it feels kind of awkward. you can tell i sketched kaner first because he’s messier.

still getting some headaches, so i’m probably going to stick to hi-lighters and a sketchbook a bit longer.

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I couldn’t find my blue hi lighter, so I bought 2 new sets of hi lighters. Now I have all the hi lighters, even though I just wanted blue.

Still on a digital drawing hiatus. Probably for at least a week. Maybe.