Tiny!kaner doing some fitness tests @ training camp


ugh, tried drawing on the tablet again after a week break and it feels kind of awkward. you can tell i sketched kaner first because he’s messier.

still getting some headaches, so i’m probably going to stick to hi-lighters and a sketchbook a bit longer.

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I couldn’t find my blue hi lighter, so I bought 2 new sets of hi lighters. Now I have all the hi lighters, even though I just wanted blue.

Still on a digital drawing hiatus. Probably for at least a week. Maybe.

Going to take a break from drawing on the computer. Too many headaches lately and staring at the computer makes it worse.

I’ll probably turn them into clean drawings once my head gets back to normal.

}}}} puckling answered: if you’re still taking requests andrew shaw and/or brandon bollig please and thank you.