process shots of [ x ]

This is probably the most disorganized drawing I’ve done in a while. Instead of figuring out the line art and finishing that before I worked on coloring like I usually do (and should do), I jumped back and forth between the lines and the colors. A LOT. I’m pretty sure that psd file had like 50 layers.

Second attempt at diy t-shirt screen printing

Just STRENGTH screen printed, the feathers done freehand because they were too complicated- details, colors. Not as hard to paint on fabric as I thought it would be, but a bit tedious. 

I should have used a different shirt or moved the placement up because the shirt I used is kind of a low cut v-neck, and the logo kind of sits awkwardly across my mid/lower ribs instead of my chest unless I pull the shirt up a bit.

Other Girls Verse; pre alwaysagirl!Pat/Jonny; NHL Awards 2010 fluff


[Fluffiest of fluff, because I’m feeling out of sorts. Any lack of fit with actual 2010 NHL Award events could be because AU or could be because I am bad at fact-checking. Also, I am not in fact into shoes, but Pat apparently is. There are also more thoughts on NHL girls and dressing up nicely, but this is Jonny POV, so didn’t fit.]

Pat gets three steps out of her hotel room before she tilts sideways and curses. “Fucking heels.”

Jon looks at her, and then down at her shoes. “You okay?”

Pat removes one of the shoes and glares at it. “Depends. Do you know any of the shoe-fixing elves?”


She’s standing lopsided, one foot still in her high heel and one bare, in a grey dress with black stripes. As she walked out of the door of the room, she had been bitching loudly about being too far away from the Cup, and Vegas being doubtful about serving her alcohol. And then she grinned. “Although, the Cup, Tazer, you know?”

Jonny did. He really fucking did. And despite the fact that Kaner is currently having a stare-off with one broken shoe, Jonny is helplessly smiling at her. “You don’t have another pair?” he asks, which is apparently a mistake.

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