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gilajames replied to your photoset “too early for pumpkins? naaaah.”


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essouffle please tell me at least one of them…

svmadelyn replied to your photoset “too early for pumpkins? naaaah.”

ahhh, of course they’re carving their numbers/each other’s numbers, i don’t know why i didn’t think of that! but they would totally carve that stanley cup pumpkin too. and other hawks/hockey stuff, and probably some non-hockey stuff. they are going to have so many jack-o-lanterns by the time halloween gets here.

so, i have this love/hate relationship with the playoff mullet/beard, mostly hate because omg, why, why??? they look so horrible! but every now and then i’ll see a photo and get this overwhelming sense of fondness and think it looks cute.

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The guy’s not wrong about Loki. He does have the jump on us.

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AU: Kristen Stewart as Jamie Buchanan “Bucky” Barnes/The Winter Soldier (follow-up to this: x)

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wore the shirt to the gym today. really like it as a work out tee— soft, thin, and goes well over a sports bra.

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"I don’t expect you to follow me. I expect you to follow her.”

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Second attempt at diy t-shirt screen printing

Just STRENGTH screen printed, the feathers done freehand because they were too complicated- details, colors. Not as hard to paint on fabric as I thought it would be, but a bit tedious. 

I should have used a different shirt or moved the placement up because the shirt I used is kind of a low cut v-neck, and the logo kind of sits awkwardly across my mid/lower ribs instead of my chest unless I pull the shirt up a bit.